We build your dreams, that's why we carry out each job with the heart.



The remodeling of your house, apartment, office or business project is a very important step for you and your family, since it is the moment when your dreams and expectations come true.


That is why our work team is highly qualified and committed to the smallest detail since we understand how important and necessary that your project is embodied as you dreamed it.


Why choose us?


We are a highly qualified company in construction work, we are experts in remodeling, home repairs, veneers, painting, construction of houses, apartments, offices, floors, etc.

We meet delivery times and budget.

Quick visit and quote.

Occupational health and safety management system.

The best materials for the job.

How do we do it?



We make a prior visit to the place where the project will be carried out in order to make a quote for slaughterhouses, labor, delivery times, measurements and requirements of the person responsible. 


We make an exhaustive analysis of each of the risks and factors that may affect the project such as land, climate, animals, outsiders, nearby companies and houses, public and private services, natural risks, access to the place, among others in order to be able to mitigate any inconvenience that may interrupt the normal start, process and termination of the project.

Our commitment is to make your dreams come true.


At la roca construcciones you will find a work team that has extensive knowledge and experience in the construction of houses, apartment remodeling, floor and bathroom veneer, painting and different arrangements in the home.  

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